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Customer service is phenomenal! My questions have always been answered.

CustomerFebruary 2016

Jayme is very knowledgeable and is always there to help us out whenever we need something. Jayme has been handling our insurance needs for over 10 years and I would not have it any other way!

Inc. J.Customer since 2011

Joe has been my agent for more years than I care to mention. Now I have gotten to know Maggie, Russ, Kathy and Sandy.. The service is always the best.. Fast and friendly. I use Allegiance for business and personal insurance needs.

Inc. F.Customer since 2011

Very helpful staff that respond right away. They went over in detail of my new policy and explained the differences and in what areas I need more or less coverage. I feel that they did an excellent job.

Customersince 2015

Easily helped us navigate our best options for Home and Auto Insurance. Great customer service and quick response times.

Customersince 2015

Your representatives are quick to response to our inquiries while consistently providing quality products and advice.

David G.Customer since 2011

Jayme' is the best. The service I receive could not be better. Thank you.

Inc G.Customer since 2011

quick answers when I have a question or need an answer on my policy. over all customer service is very professional.

William G.Customer since 2011

We have dealt with Allegiance for years. They handle our business and personal needs and are informative, always checking for a better rate, always available and helpful. The agents go out of their way to make sure your needs are met and are there to support you if you have a claim.

Paul W.Customer since 2011

Getting back to us in a timely manner!!

Customer since 2011

Efficient, nice and respectful professionals to deal with.

Customer since 2011

Every one is very nice

Susan M., customer since 2011

Very helpful & get black to you in a timely fashion.

Cari K., customer since 2013

I appreciate when you review our account and find us a better deal!

Paul S., customer since 2011

always better customer service and trying to save money for customer.

Customer since 2011

Our health insurance has become more complicated since I retired. Pete has done a great job of helping my family keep the proper coverage. Carl Maturo

Inc T., customer since 2011

Roy Thomas gives outstanding service!!! He is always available to answer questions and give advice. I feel I am in honest hands who makes sure that I get the best deal and the insurance that is appropriate for me and my family. I have recommended Roy to friends and colleagues and they all agree. Excellent service!!!

Customer since 2011

Great service

Ron A., customer since 2011

Quick responses to questions and helpful advice moving forward

Joe Q., customer since 2011

The staff at AIS is the easiest insurance staff to work with. My wife and I get a yearly update on new products, services, and prices.

Keith N., customer since 2011

A mix up in credit card payments and later with the addition of a new auto; each was handled by the office at Allegiance with courtesy and professionalism. They were unflappable and quick to get various documents to us. Very appreciated. Thank you all!

John D., customer since 2011

Prompt service, call back or email quickly to our questions or concerns

Customer since 2011

Prompt replies to our insurance questions. Also, effective solutions for our insurance needs.

Customer since 2011

Whenever we have question and contact our agent he gets back to us ASAP.

Customer since 2011

I always get great service when I call. Steve is very helpful.

Customer since 2011

Personal service when we need you and help with my questions.

Customer since 2011

Personal attention to details, speed of response to questions & concerns & patience & wisdom in finding the best policy for us!

Stephen P., customer since 2011

You stayed in touch and kept me updated as to we were in the process. And there was always someone available to answer any questions or make changes. And you are always looking out for us at renewal time to find us the best available coverage out there. THANKS !!

Customer since 2011

Steve always handles our questions quickly and with minimal "work" on our part. He tries to find the simplest solution to any problem or concern.

William R., customer since 2011

Always there to help. Have known Joe forever thank you!!!

Tony G., customer since 2011

Having Jamie handle our insurance needs.

Sharon S., customer since 2011

Keith is great!

Customer since 2011

Everyone at Allegiance is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I appreciate how they analyzed my needs and then proceeded to find the right coverage for me at the best possible price. They are the best insurance agency I have ever dealt with.

Wallace W., customer since 2011

Its good to know that your in my corner even when I don't need you. Thank You

Customer since 2011

I don't feel like a policy number with Allegiance and I know they are always looking for the best policy for me.

Jennifer B., customer since 2011

The staff at Allegiance has helped me with corporate and personal insurance since 2008. I have been very pleased with their help. No long waits for responses with this organization. Sincerely, Carl Maturo

Inc T., customer since 2011

The personal service is what I'm interested in. When I call and ask for somebody they know who I am. I'm not just a number I'm actually a customer. We have been with Carl for many years and he's always done a great job for us. Carl, Steve, and Laura have been my a team. Thanks again Ed DeMik

Edward D., customer since 2011

Found good auto and home insurance prices.

Customer since 2011

actually get to talk to a real person not a recording every time

Gary G., customer since 2011

Jayme Brown excellent worker she knows her stuff when it comes to insurance need . Thank you . Air For You Hvac

Tony Y., customer since 2014

Whenever I had a question regarding anything related to my policy, I always got a very fast response.

Customer since 2011

Keith Tracy is very much more than an insurance agent. He is an advisor, a friend, and a tremendous problem solver. Conversations frequently cover more ground than just insurance. I have benefited many times and immensely from Keith's ideas, consulting, and knowledge. He and his staff are constantly reviewing my needs and making recommendations. Answers to questions are clear, useful and on-target. When Keith does not have an immediate answer, which is not often, he will research the issue and call back in a timely manner. And there are many little things that are appreciated. Phones are usually answered. On those rare occasions when I have to leave a message, call backs are quick. Same for emails. He and his staff are always pleasant and professional. They actually make buying insurance an enjoyable experience. If I had to develop a list of attributes which would define the perfect agent, I would come up with Keith Tracy. I already recommend Keith and Allegiance whenever I come across someone needing insurance and certainly plan to continue.

James J., customer since 2011

When I phone with a question I always get to talk directly with my agent. I've never been put on hold or gotten an automated recording.

Customer since 2011

Anytime...and I do mean anytime I have ever had a question or concern, Allegiance Insurance has always been there for me. Whether it has been for a claim, searching for a better rate or just some general information, the staff at Allegiance always comes through. I have been with Carl for over 20 years and have never been dissatisfied with the service. Honest, polite and professional. Rare qualities in today's world but the norm at Allegiance. Thank you for everything!!!

James B., customer since 2011

I switched to Allegiance a few years ago due to dissatisfaction with another independent agent, and have been very pleased with their thoroughness and responsiveness to my needs. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a new insurance agent.

Willard H., customer since 2013

I have been doing business with Allegiance Insurance Services Inc. for several years. Joe and Maggie are true professionals, as well as the rest of their staff. They have searched out the best deal for me year after year. They are prompt and there for me when I need them. I would recommend them to anyone.

Lynn C., customer since 2011

If I have question Pete always answer it and calls me just to talk

Customer since 2011

You have always been there for me. You have also been very prompt at getting back to me with answers.

Paul G., customer since 2011

You guy s are always quick with answers to my questions and accurate. When other insurance companies call me to give me quote I tell them sure go ahead. I get the quote and allegiance was always the lowest. I'm not loyal to a company I have three in college I just have to cut costs where ever I can.I'm not sure but I think I've been with allegiance for 20 something years and they have always been the lowest.

John B., customer since 2011

Allegiance is great to work with and helpful with my needs.

Customer since 2011

Maggie is the best!! Always fast and accurate. Everything I have ever needed is always handled without a worry or problem. I've used this office for years and I'm not going anywhere. Thank you

Customer since 2011

The awesome people at Allegiance have always been so helpful and kind. They have taken care of me for over 10 years and I highly recommend them!

Silvana I., customer since 2011

Staff is awesome available and always willing to help??

Henry S., customer since 2011

We have used an insurance broker for more than 20 years. Pete Chorak has been that broker. He is an asset to Allegiance Insurance because of his integrity and true concern for his customers. Because of this we would eagerly recommend Allegiance.

Michael A., customer since 2011

The quickness in resolving any situation that comes up is one of the top reasons I would and have recommended Allegiance insurance to anybody that is looking for a great insurance company.

John H., customer since 2011

Keith Tracy is very responsive to all of my inquiries.

Customer since 2011

I have been with Allegiance for a long time, probably 20 years and they have always been there for me. My family has gone through a lot of changes over the years and they have had good advice for everything. I really appreciate all that they have done for me.

Paul G., customer since 2011

I have always trusted and appreciated to time and commitment in Allegiance for finding me the correct policy for my needs. The service and response time in answering any question is always fantastic!

Thomas H., customer since 2011

Keith and his staff at Allegiance are very helpful and they quickly recommend the best rates for my insurance needs. Keith was referred by one of my sons and I have done the same to my friends.

Gerald S., customer since 2011

Provide quality insurance at a competitive price.

Thomas N., customer since 2011

The people at Allegiance respond to any questions I have very quickly and are always helpful. I have recommended Allegiance to several friends and family members.

James B., customer since 2011

I have been dealing with Joe and his team since Allegiance Insurance started in business. I have always had great service with anyone I have had to deal with, whether it is a claim or when they have suggested to me of a new insurance carrier with lower rates. I look forward to many years of the same quality service.

Tony G., customer since 2011

Keith and the rest of the Allegiance team are quick, professional, and knowledgeable. They are a pleasure to do business with.

Dba R., customer since 2011

The folks at Allegiance have always given me prompt, stellar service with the best protection and lowest rates in the industry. What else needs to be said?

Donald B., customer since 2011

thank you for your immediately attention to my request for an evaluation of my insurance coverage.the changes that your staff recommended resulted in a significant savings on my yearly premium.

Customer since 2011

Allegiance has always been on top of their game for all my insurance needs. The representatives are always courteous and patient in gettinge the best quotes for my changing needs as the years go by. I would highly recommend them for the best coverage.

Sue J., customer since 2011

I have received great customer service every time I contact your agency. I get prompt attention to requests and am always assured that I am receiving the best value. Everyone I have ever contacted at the office has always been very professional.

Richard K., customer since 2011

Russ, Maggie, and Steve always respond to my questions and concerns in a timely fashion. Russ always made it his business to make sure my family was doing well and seemed genuine about it. Definitely a great group of people to work with when it comes to something as difficult as insurance. Thanks AIS!

James P., customer since 2011

i think you are all terrific and have provided me with impeccable service since Pete branched out on his own.

Joan B., customer since 2011

I have been extremely happy with Allegiance Insurance. From the first time when they lowered my insurance to the prompt answers to all my questions.. Once while on vacation I had an incident I emailed the office and was told how to handle the claim almost immediately which is a great peace of mind when you have a claim. Everyone has always been both prompt and professional. It is rare to receive true customer service today but Maggie and the whole team is awesome.

Peter M., customer since 2011

Laura Hamilton from Carl Cozen's office has been wonderful to work with. Open lines of communication and quick response whether email or via telephone. They proactively search for best policy at favorable rates. I'd recommend doing business with them!

Karen G., customer since 2011

Lori was a very good friend of mine and she spoke very well of yours. I believe that yours will be good to me as she was to me. She got my premiums lower then I had been paying.. JOAN

Joan V., November 2015

My agent Keith Tracy answers all my questions, he gives me different choices of coverage that I might need. He always returns my calls and he there when I need him. He cares about his customers. My last agent only cared about the money, I see him once a year.

Inc. W., customer since 2015

Kathy Eraci-Bova and team is thorough and knowledgeable. They are prompt in replying to emails and questions and persistent in asking for the information they need to complete the task.

Elizabeth P., customer since 2014

You provide in depth quotes for our insurance needs. You do research for the products I need as well as looking for the best dollar value.

Customer since 2015

Our agent, Pete Chorak, is always very helpful and gets back to us with an immediate response. We never have to call him back looking for an answer.

DeJays I., customer since 2012

I went with Allegiance Insurance because of a friend who is no longer with us, Lori Barko. I have decided to stay with Allegiance Insurance because of Maggie Kobel, whom I now consider my insurance agent.

Customer since 2015

Maggie Kobel has been great in answering my questions, updating policies as needed, and been an absolute joy to work with. At no point was I ever pressured and was very helpful in assisting in helping me make decisions to fit my insurance needs.

Russell R., customer since 2014

Love working with Chris Valente. He continually goes the extra mile for us.

Michael N., customer since 2014

It's very easy to talk to someone in person,and they always call back fast if you have to leave a message. If they don't know the answer to a question ,they find out and get back to you soon.

Sperling L., customer since 2013

AIS have been very respectful towards my needs and very fast action when i have ever had questions or needed changes to my policy.

Customer since 2013

Laura promptly answered my questions and took care of my insurance concerns...

Customer since 2014


Customer since 2014

The entire staff goes above and beyond to take care of our needs in a friendly and timely manner.

Sandra F., customer since 2014

Great people to work with!

Agnes T., customer since 2015

Amy and Laura are so lovely to work with! They are super duper smart and knowledgeable! Steve's not that bad either! But I prefer the ladies! They are all Sunshine and Rainbows!

Ty H., October 2015

I appreciate your attention to detail and your quick follow up with all of my questions/ concerns. Much appreciated!

Mike C., October 2015

Laura and Aimee were very helpful and knowledgeable. I was very pleased and their prompt attention to detail! Praises to those girls!

Steve E., October 2015

No problems

Shannon D., customer since 2012

My contact person, MAGGIE, is attentive, knowledgeable and hard-working. She is second to none.

Joseph P., customer since 2015


Peter C., customer since 2011

Allegiance is always checking for better rates for our insurance. While everybody else complains of rates going up every year, Allegiance proactively calls us once a year with the current lowest rates, always saving us money! There's no need for me to shop around.

Matthew J., customer since 2011

Maggie was very responsive to my inquiry about quotes for home/auto insurance. She follows up in a timely way and provides excellent customer service. We are very pleased with the significant savings we realized by switching our insurance to your agency. We are already referring family members to Allegiance.

Customer, October 2015

Excellent customer service

James S., customer since 2011

thanks kathy bova & laura hamiliton for your time and help, your effort was much appreciated ron n..

Ron N., customer since 2015

The people at Allegiance have always been helpful, very informative, good rates , nice pesonalities, know the answers to my questions and if not will get back to you with an answer when they do find out the answer.

James M., customer since 2011

Lori, you and I have a good relationship and I hope that it will always be that way. Your a good person to have as a friend. Joan

Joan V., May 2015

~cost was quite competitive and definitely more appealing than my past company ~the entities of coverage in both auto and home were greater for less ~the customer service was friendly, responsive and in a very timely manner as needed

Customer since 2014

saved me money, took care of cancelling previous insurance

Judith R., customer since 2015

You made a good impression becaused of your dilligence and ability to get better rates for our insurance needs.

Dan T., April 2015

Lori was great. She understood my situation and worked to get me insurance quickly.

Patricia L., April 2015

Excellent communication! Very quick answers!

Russell B., April 2015

Nick was very helpful & every time I called He called me right back.

James H., customer since 2015

Quick response to my insurance needs and deadlines with a friendly and knowledgable attitude.

Customer since 2015

I've been so please with the servicing department at Allegiance. I love that my insurance company has a mobile app where I can make payments and obtain my auto id card. Awesome and Incredible knowledge, I would highly recommend them. Thanks for looking out for me and my family!

Ty H., February 2015

Russell Kobel is the most amazing agent in the world!

Steve E., February 2015

Customer service & professionalism; made big decisions easy to make

Jyl H., customer since 2015

Allegiance, through their professional agent, Maggie, worked quickly to find me the best policy at the best price. I was given many options to choose from within 24 hours of my request. Maggie was familiar with all the products, and therefore, was able to effectively answer all my questions. Truth be told, I did do some research on insurance products I needed before I called Allegiance, but their assistance proved to be invaluable and extremely time-saving. This particular agent was so caring about my insurance needs, that she even agreed to meet me outside of normal business hours.

Joseph P., customer since 2015

I had an amazing experience working with Allegiance when I moved back into the state. From day one I was treated like I have been a client since I have had my drivers license. Amazing customer service and I could not be happier with my coverage.

Mike P., customer since 2014

You were very helpful in finding the right insurance for me when I purchased my new townhouse. I appreciate knowing I have the perfect protection for my new home.

Customer since 2014

I have never had a bad experience with Allegiance!! They are a phone call away and solve all my insurance needs in a timely manner. I have never had an organization call me on my personal line to let me know they have found a better plan that fits my needs (not to mention better coverage at a cheaper rate). It is a company that truly cares about their clients. Thanks Nick Petrocelli for not having me worry about choosing the right carrier because I know Allegiance is always looking out for me!

Steve P., customer since 2011

Allegiance, through their professional agent, Maggie, worked quickly to find me the best policy at the best price. I as given many options to choose from within 24 hours of my request. Maggie was familiar with all the products, and therefore, was able to effectively answer all my questions. Truth be told, I did do some research on insurance products I needed before I called Allegiance, but their assistance proved to be invaluable and extremely time-saving.

Joseph P., customer since 2015

Being apart of the Allegiance Family, I have seen first hand how dedicated they are to their clients. The customer service department goes far beyond anything I have seen before. There attentiveness to details, to make sure that every client has the proper coverage to match their needs is amazing.

Ty H., February 2015


James S., customer since 2015

Very efficient and professional experience. Always there to answer any of my questions.

Customer since 2012

As a broker to Allegiance Insurance it is important to be available for clients. Our clients need our help in understanding their policies, understanding their options, and assistance in case of claims. All members of Allegiance Insurance are always available to answer any questions. I am very thankful to be a part of Allegiance Insurance!

LLC J., customer since 2011